About me

My name is Pius Walter. I am 24 years old and an IT specialist for system integration, studying Cyber Security at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim.
I work as an auditor at Europe’s largest retail company as part of the internal audit team.

Contact me

You find me on LinkedIn and XING, where you can follow me or join my network. If you would like to email me, feel free to write to mail [at] piuswalter [dot] de. Please do not be overly formal, I like to be on a first name basis.
Note: And be sure to avoid web beacons (tracking pixels)! These emails will immediately forwarded to /dev/null and therfore be deleted for a very long time!

Programming Knowledge

Web development knowledge
Programming knowledge


C# Software Adaptation
Adaptation of software application for companies with 3400 employees in 33 national companies.
C# Software Programming
Software programming of a UPS for an internationally operating automotive supplier.

Coding Projects

Many of my coding projects are open source. You can find them on my GitHub. Some of my top projects can found below.


StudyOffline is an open source tool that allows you to download the flashcards you have created on StudySmarter and study them offline, without advertising. In addition, your privacy is protected and no data is collected.

[StudyOffline Code] [StudyOffline Web App]


LibreDoc is an open source documentation software for your intranet. It offers the possibility to create and update documents. LibreDoc takes care of creating the necessary revisions for auditability.

[LibreDoc Code] [LibreDoc Website] [LibreDoc Demo]


The Jitsi Integrated Musicbot Management Interface is an open source management interface that provides a music bot for jitsi, the free video conferencing platform. Together with him, you can get your party started.

[JIMMI Code] [JIMMI] [Jitsi Meet]


PaperCoin is an open source crypto trading simulator that allows you to trade many popular cryptocurrencies through an API interface via an intuitive frontend without financial risk.

[PaperCoin Code]


soca.li gives you one link for all social network profiles. Perfect for description on Instagram and followers who want to be informed on other platforms as well.

[soca.li] [about.soca.li]